military training route

military training route
Airspace of defined vertical and lateral dimensions established for the conduct of military flight training at airspeeds in excess of 250 knots IAS (indicated air speed). There are three tyeps of MTRs: (a) IFR (instrument flight rules) military training routes (IR) in which operations are conducted in accordance with IFR regardless of weather conditions; (b) VFR (visual flight rules) military training routes (VR) in which operations are conducted in accordance with VFR except flight visibility shall be 5 miles or more and flight shall not be conducted below a ceiling of less than 3000 ft AGL (above ground level); and (c) slow speed low altitude routes (SR) in which operations are conducted in VFR below 1500 ft at 250 knots or less, without prior notice. VR, and IR routes are depicted on enroute low altitude low altitude charts and Department of Defense area planning charts. SR routes are depicted on Defense area planning charts only.
Arrow indicates single direction routes
All MTR’s may extend from surface onwards.
All MTR’s (IR and VR) except those VR’s below 1500 ft
AGL (above ground level) are shown.
IFR military training routes have prefix IR
While VFR military routes have prefix VR.

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